Queensland Trust For Nature

We are independent, non-profit and focused on the protection of Queensland’s biodiversity.

QTFN is able to buy and sell private property to protect at-risk ecosystems and secure management solutions through commercial contracts on privately-owned land.


We prioritise linking wildlife corridors, revegetating vulnerable ecosystems and increasing buffers to National Parks on properties in rural and urban fringe areas.


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To acquire and increase the value of privately held land under conservation and to protect and enhance the unique biodiversity of Queensland for future generations.

Vision Statement

To be a highly valued, respected and independent organisation renowned for protecting environmentally important, privately-owned land.

Objects of the Trust

The protection and enhancement of the natural environment or a significant part of the natural environment in the State of Queensland, including:

  • wildlife and their habitats
  • issues affecting the environment such as air and water quality, vegetation and fauna
  • waste minimisation outcomes
  • resource management issues and biodiversity
  • promotion of ecologically sustainable development principles
  • promotion of private conservation