Queensland Trust For Nature

We are independent, non-profit and focused on the protection of Queensland’s biodiversity.

QTFN is able to buy and sell private property to protect at-risk ecosystems and secure management solutions through commercial contracts on privately-owned land.


We prioritise linking wildlife corridors, revegetating vulnerable ecosystems and increasing buffers to National Parks on properties in rural and urban fringe areas.


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The Queensland Trust for Nature was created in 2004 through a Deed of Trust and seed funding grant of $5 million from the Queensland Government.

QTFN is an independent, not-for-profit organisation focused on the protection of Queensland’s biodiversity and natural landscapes.

QTFN operates a revolving fund that is used to buy, covenant and resell land with high conservation values and all philanthropic donations and proceeds from bequests, gifts, land sales and investments are paid into the fund.

Since 2004, the revolving fund has been used to acquire 16 Queensland properties - more than 101,900 hectares - and sell 11 to protect more than 101,500 hectares of important biodiversity.

On the properties sold by QTFN, a range of endangered and of-concern regional ecosystems are now permanently protected and managed through conservation agreements. These properties provide habitats for many important marsupials, amphibians and birds, including:

Find out how you can contribute to the protection of Queensland’s natural landscapes, flora and fauna by visiting our Get Involved page.