Queensland Trust For Nature

We are independent, non-profit and focused on the protection of Queensland’s biodiversity.

QTFN is able to buy and sell private property to protect at-risk ecosystems and secure management solutions through commercial contracts on privately-owned land.


We prioritise linking wildlife corridors, revegetating vulnerable ecosystems and increasing buffers to National Parks on properties in rural and urban fringe areas.


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QTFN is overseen collectively by a Funds Management Committee and Trustees and operated under a Deed of Trust.

Members of the Funds Management Committee are independent and are appointed by the Trustees. The Funds Management Committee meets six times a year.

QTFN strives to maintain the highest levels of integrity in all its dealings through ethical and responsible decision making and has established three internal committees – Strategy and Communications; Governance and Risk; and Investment - to provide oversight of and strategy for the Trust’s activities.

The Trust’s financial records are subject to an independent audit and are available online.



Funds Management Committee


Privacy Policy

QTFN is committed to protecting any personal information provided to it.

Our Privacy Plan outlines the types of personal information collected, used and retained by QTFN and the procedures employees must follow to ensure personal information is protected as required by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

The Plan also outlines the process in which individuals can correct any personal information held by QTFN or gain access to their own personal information.

Tax status

QTFN is a not-for-profit organisation included on the Register of Environmental Organisations and recognised as a Deductible Gift Recipient.

Donations of money and or property to the Trust are Tax Deductible.