Queensland Trust For Nature

We are independent, non-profit and focused on the protection of Queensland’s biodiversity.

QTFN is able to buy and sell private property to protect at-risk ecosystems and secure management solutions through commercial contracts on privately-owned land.


We prioritise linking wildlife corridors, revegetating vulnerable ecosystems and increasing buffers to National Parks on properties in rural and urban fringe areas.


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Biodiversity Month Campaign



Queensland is a biodiversity hotspot - we have 70% of Australia’s mammals, 80% of its native birds and more than 50% of its native reptiles, frogs and plant species. And we need to keep it that way!

To celebrate Biodiversity Month, During September QTFN will showcase 30 species in 30 days.  All 30 are threatened species that QTFN’s hands-on conservation work has helped protect.

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*One lucky QTFN supporter will also win a $100 gift voucher from our friends at Biome! Donations over $20 during Biodiversity month will go in the draw! Make a donation today! Click below to make a tax-deductible donation today.