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Conservation is a shared responsibility.

QTFN works with landowners, government agencies, scientists and other non-profit groups to identify, enhance and protect private land with high conservation values.


The Trust does not lock up land. It promotes positive interaction on covenanted land to improve environmental, social, economic and educational outcomes and adds value to properties, where possible.


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Aroona is a magnificent 2000-hectare property in the Little Liverpool Range, about 55km southwest of Ipswich.

A working cattle property for more than 50 years, Aroona is the cornerstone of QTFN’s Abundant Landscapes initiative. Aroona demonstrates that production, restoration and conservation can co-exist effectively on Queensland agricultural land.  

This QTFN permanent reserve is home to around 300 head of cattle and several threatened species including the koala, powerful owl, brush-tailed rock-wallaby and the glossy black cockatoo.  

Aroona hosts nine regional ecosystems, six of which have a biodiversity status ‘of concern’. Its large areas of diverse native vegetation allow natural ecological processes to occur at the scale necessary to support varied and viable populations of conservation-significant wildlife.       

Cattle at Aroona

Our work on Aroona

Since Aroona became a QTFN permanent reserve in 2015, we have done extensive restoration and rejuvenation work with the assistance of volunteers, staff and members of the local community. We have sustainably managed Aroona’s cattle population, implemented an ecosystem recovery plan and mapped ecologically significant habitats on Aroona. Habitat mapping enables farmers to plan and improve landscape management practices in a way that delivers positive conservation outcomes. Sustainable grazing is used as a land management tool on the property – to control weeds, manage fire risk, provide scientific data and generate income to fund ongoing property management costs. 

View from the range at Aroona

Partner with us to enhance biodiversity in productive landscapes

QTFN is always keen to work with farmers, agribusinesses, financiers and education providers on productive landscapes projects at Aroona, our other permanent reserves and on privately owned land. We recognise that landowners have intimate knowledge of their land’s condition, potential and the biodiversity it supports. This is why QTFN partners to protect – working collaboratively with landowners to build on their knowledge; ensure sustainable, productive land use; and identify areas of their land suitable for restoration and permanent protection

The history of Aroona

Aroona was originally eight separate lots of cattle grazing land, acquired by Dr Robin and Kathleen Stock over more than 40 years.
Over the years, the Stocks developed a special connection with the property and a keen interest in its resident wildlife.
Given their love of local wildlife and wilderness, the Stocks wanted to see Aroona sustainably managed for both its production and conservation value. This desire aligned perfectly with the Trust’s vision to protect Queensland’s biodiversity on productive landscapes and enable sustainable land use.
The Stocks donated this $2.9 million property to QTFN in December 2015.                  
Click on the image below to view a video about our work at Aroona (you will be redirected to Youtube).


If you are interested in working with QTFN on productive landscapes, please contact us on ph 1800 237 724 or email info@qtfn.org.au
Click here to view the Aroona brochure.