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  • Discover the QTFN vision: achieving harmony between natural and productive landscapes 

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    Our work in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park supports nesting habitat for up to 30% of Queensland's female flatback turtle population.

  • Since 2004 QTFN has protected more than 100,000 hectares of important Queensland biodiversity, including habitat for the iconic koala.

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Queensland Trust for Nature

With only 5.23% of Queensland protected by National Parks, private conservation and ownership of land is essential to help maintain the State’s biodiversity.

Conservation is the responsibility of the whole community, not just government.

Private land owners can play a critical role in biodiversity conservation through the identification and protection of important habitat.

QTFN works with private land owners to protect threatened ecosystems and species habitats, while ensuring the ongoing sustainable use and enjoyment of natural areas.

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    The odds are stacked against flatback turtle hatchlings right from the start. As soon as th.. READ MORE

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